Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Political Campaigns are Simply Job Interviews with Voters as the Employer

When I read the February 22, Business Week interview with President Obama’s “agnostic” response to a question referring to his commitment level to his campaign pledge (taxes would remain the same or go down for those making less than $250,000 annually or for roughly 95% of Americans), my first reaction was: Do you remember former President George H.W. Bush’s “Read my lips, no new taxes.” pledge in the 1988 presidential campaign?  Do you remember not honoring that and raising taxes in his first term severely politically damaged him and greatly contributed to his 1992 reelection loss?  Does President Obama?  Does Congress?  My first thoughts were: President Obama’s “agnostic” response was a cold shoulder to the American taxpayers considering this constant tax pledge during his campaign and first year in office.  I believe this tax pledge was one of the deciding factors for many that voted for him.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Real Estate Data Expert Tom Ruff on Bank Owned Property - How Many?

I have worked with Tom Ruff and been his friend for several years.  I have found him to be the best real estate data and trend expert in the country. Couple that with his quick wit and unique sense of humor, and you have an information expert that is anything but dry! Add his successful track record in real estate trend predictions, even when at odds with other experts, and you have someone to watch and follow in the real estate and financial sector.  Tom has no political agenda in what his company's research and findings reflect.  His work is honest and on target every time.   

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Does Congress and the Whitehouse Understand Why Senator Scott Brown Won?

When I saw the television evening news clip of President Obama at the Boston rally urging voters to vote for Martha Coakley on January 17 with his statement “Anyone can buy a truck.”, my first reaction was “No, Mr. President, they can’t.” My first thoughts were: Not only can many not buy a truck right now, but many are having a hard time for the first time in their lives just paying for food and their house payment. Many can’t believe they are facing car repossession, a foreclosure, or even a personal bankruptcy due to a prolonged unemployment rate of officially 10% to a reality rate of 17%; or they can’t believe their business revenue has been down 30% or more for over a year.