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The LinkedIn Success Story - The Jobs Tool for the 2010’s, Part 5, International Focus in a Global Economy

Just about every major U.S. company is thinking globally. They are increasing their international focus and opening offices in countries outside of the United States. Today’s jobs and market discussions center around NAFTA and worldwide trade as global economic and international business reports are in the news every day in the U.S. and internationally.

LinkedIn has followed this American business trend and has much success in opening up markets for their product internationally. With over 75 million members in 200 countries on all 7 countinents, LinkedIn is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. They now have a European office centered in London, England as well as several offices in the U.S.

LinkedIn provides a cornecopia of possibility for Americans to think internationally and make connections globally. There are numerous worldwide recruiters on LinkedIn with international clients looking for talent across all indutries, at all experience levels, in every country . There are numerous American companies looking to do business with companies outside of the U.S. and vice versa on LinkedIn.

A simple LinkedIn People search on the keywords “international recruiter” returns 46,166 matches, and keywords “global recruiter” returns 28,837 matches. A LinkedIn Group search on the keyword “international” brings back over 19,052 matches, and keyword “global” has 14,368 matches. The keyword “international” and “global” in a Company search returns 58,647 and 40,718 matches respectively.

International member success examples are included in the LinkedIn Resources Section with titles like “LinkedIn Member in India Lands Job at Yahoo! Because of His LinkedIn Profile”. International companies gain clients and capital as LinkedIn further notes in their news, “Irish Start Up Raises $230,000 Using only LinkedIn” and “Member in China gets 75% of Business from LinkedIn”. International charitable interaction is reflected too, “Children in Bangalore, South India Get New Books Because of a LinkedIn Group”.

LinkedIn’s very recent press releases illustrate their international push and growing global membership.

8-25-2010 LinkedIn announces 2 million members in the Netherlands
7-22-2010 LinkedIn reaches 1 million members in Spain
6-9-2010 LinkedIn celebrates another milestone: hits 4 million members in the UK
4-15-2010 Italians get a local flavor of LinkedIn
4-13-2010 LinkedIn launches in Portuguese and continues to expand its international footprint
3-29-2010 LinkedIn membership surpasses 2 million in Canada

According to Alexa-The Web Information Company, LinkedIn has a three-month U.S. only Alexa traffic rank of 17 and a global Alexa traffic rank of 28. Alexa also lists LinkedIn’s international traffic rankings by some specific countries.


11 - India, Ireland, Netherlands
13 - South Africa
14 - United Kingdom
15 - Canada
16 - Australia
17 - Denmark, Israel, (United States)
18 - Pakistan
28 - (Overall Global)
30 - Spain
32 - Sweden
33 - Argentina, Belgium
44 - Italy
72 - Brazil
83 - Germany
87 - France
121 - Mexico
124 - Russia
356 - China
370 - Japan

LinkedIn is the top all-professional social media network. All but one of the Alexa global ranked top ten companies is American, yet like LinkedIn, their reach is global.


1 - 1 - Google
2 - 2 - Facebook
3 - 4 - YouTube
4 - 3 - Yahoo!
5 - 11 - Windows Live
6 - 362 - Baidu (#1 in China)
7 - 6 - Wikipedia
8 - 10 -
9 - 12 - MSN
11 - 7 - Twitter

All members of the LinkedIn referred expert panel, CPA-Consultant Ken Nussbaum, Executive Coach Debra Forman PCC, and Life Coach Phyllis Reardon are excited by and encouraged with the opportunity they see for LinkedIn members to expand their international focus and possible global client base.

The international connections that are made on LinkedIn allow for individualized opportunities as well as the bigger global deal making you hear about in news reports. Panel member Debra Forman was introduced by a UK contact to a Belgian Executive Director. She coached him and has now become associated with his association and travels internationally to their meetings, coaches, and puts on workshops.

On a personal note, I was invited to write for publication in Europe from LinkedIn contacts. I have also put together an Italian friend that lives in London with one of my connections in Italy to do a blog translation project from Italian into English - all through LinkedIn.

Executive Coach Debra speaks for the LinkedIn panel summarizing, “LinkedIn is borderless. That's the beauty of it. There are no barriers to geography, industry, etc. I use LinkedIn globally. I connect to contacts everywhere and use it effectively to link contacts in other jurisdictions. I coach people to take advantage of the breadth of LinkedIn and to market themselves to this huge market. If people are interested in venturing outside their sphere of comfort or jurisdiction, LinkedIn is for them.”

Large or small, the international focus in the 2010’s makes life an adventure and business global. LinkedIn is a major facilitator for individuals and companies wherever they live and work in the world. We are not just in Kansas anymore Toto! It truly is a global economy in 2010 and beyond. This could play out to be a very good thing for American business in the long run. It has for LinkedIn.

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