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The LinkedIn Success Story - The Jobs Tool of the 2010's, Part 4 Features & Statistics

A large element in LinkedIn’s success story is its feature rich functionality that really works for facilitating successful professional networking. Many members already use the Twitter connection functionality and the application for BlackBerry released earlier this year. LinkedIn isn’t resting on their laurels. They have been rolling out updates to their networking site’s look and functionality the past few months with more updates slated in the upcoming weeks.

The updates now being rolled out include a more modern “app” look and enhanced social networking and message features. You can now “follow” companies as well as members, “save” member profiles, and indicate “like” on member updates and comments. You can “save” searches and set-up an automatic email when new matches meet the search criteria. Groups now have a “promotion tab” and new rules to separate member promotion postings from actual discussion comments. You can more easily delete threads from Group discussions. Groups also notate “Top Influencers This Week” and “Manager’s Choice” for discussion participation. An update to LinkedIn Inbox, the email feature, now separates messages from invitations making it easier to track your profile marketing and connections status and allows deletion.

You can see a complete overview of what is new at LinkedIn Blog and view a video on YouTube noting the Group updates. The LinkedIn Learning Center provides information on using LinkedIn with your mobile phone and a complete New Users Guide.

LinkedIn’s Analyst Quotes cites, “To reach the unfamiliar, LinkedIn this year revamped its site. It unfurled a recruiting service for human-resource departments, a survey application for market research firms and several advertising services. It launched a new search platform, mobile service, company profiles and a redesigned home page. And it served up Spanish and French versions of the site. Jeremiah Owyang, analyst at Forrester Research, says...LinkedIn's new additions have made it easier for its members to collaborate not just with co-workers but people outside of their jobs.”

LinkedIn series panel expert Ken Nussbaum, reflects on his favorite LinkedIn features, “The feature I like more than any other is the ability to have people browse through your connections. Whenever I connect with someone, I recommend that they look through my connections to see who might be a good contact for them. This is especially important for people who are job hunting. I've been able to put mutual connections in touch with each other.”

CPA and Consultant Ken continues, “LinkedIn has excellent features especially the ability to search in so many different ways - by people directly by name, by company and by school. And, you can search through your groups as well.”

Series panelist Debra Forman, PCC of Pinstripe Coaching is a certified Executive Coach at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level. She notes her favorite feature, ”LinkedIn provides members with their own Home Page - a "one stop shop" feature. You can access everything on LinkedIn from your home page - your profile; your ability to add/remove links; a view of your group activities; a snapshot of discussions and activities involving your contacts; featured items from your top three groups; and a view of the top six visits to your profile.”

Debra’s best expert advisement to all her clients is “They visit their home page daily to be proactive and the most effective in utilizing LinkedIn.”

Series panelist Phyllis Reardon, President of CoachPhyllis.Com Inc, offers, “Of the many features and functions of LinkedIn, the two that I make the most use of as a Life Coach are the Answers section and Groups. As a businessperson, both of these features supply me with knowledge and information.”

Phyllis details, “Being a member of Groups allows me to discuss and gather information that is relevant to my life coaching practice. It places me in direct personal contact with other life coaches allowing for quality professional dialogue.”

Phyllis notes, “The Answer section connects me to great minds outside my Life Coaching groups which affords me the opportunity to receive diversity in thought and opinion in response to my query. At any time during my work day I can post questions on LinkedIn and within minutes receive numerous responses.”

The LinkedIn Partners list includes some business heavy-hitters like Amazon, American Express, Business Week, CNBC, Google, Reuters, and Twitter. For a complete list of LinkedIn’s 24 listed partners, go to

According to Alexa-The Web Information Company, “LinkedIn has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 28. The time spent in a typical visit to it is approximately seven minutes, with 37 seconds spent on each pageview, and search engines refer about 15% of visits to this site. About 29% of visits to this site consist of only one pageview (i.e., are bounces). can be found in the ‘Social Networking’ category.” The Alexa U.S. only traffic rank for LinkedIn is 17.

Alexa’s tracking reflects LinkedIn’s reach grows consistently. LinkedIn’s 3-month reach was 2.65800 with a +8.6% change; 1-month reach was 2.84900 with a +8% change; and a 7-day reach of 2.94100 with a +0.6% change as of site numbers on August 30.

Alexa’s “Audience Demographics for LinkedIn” measures how popular LinkedIn is relative to the general Internet population. The LinkedIn audience is highest in the 25-54 age range with it being most popular with the 35-44 age range. The LinkedIn audience is lowest in the 18-24 age range followed by the 65+ age range. LinkedIn’s popularity is fairly even among males and females and also with those that do or do not have children. LinkedIn’s most popular browsing location is work with this location being higher in the Alexa measure than either home or school, which were fairly equal.

Alexa’s education and income measure results for LinkedIn conveys LinkedIn’s all-professional status in the social networking category. LinkedIn is most popular with the college degreed demographic and most notably with the graduate school audience. It is significantly less popular with the no college demographic. LinkedIn is most popular with the higher income demographic – first in popularity with the $100K+ income level and second with the $60K-$100K income level. It is significantly less popular with the $0-$30K income level.

Analytics company Compete calculates LinkedIn’s rank at 58 for July 2010 which represents a +3 increase over June 2010. Compete’s “Monthly Normalized Metrics” reflect 13,997,327 unique visits in July 2010 to the LinkedIn website which was a +5.80% increase over June 2010.

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