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Major State Ballot Measures Mid-Term Outcome – Yes or No by 2010 Voters?

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As detailed in last week’s Part 1 and Part 2 posts on major statewide hot topic legislation, the 2010 mid-term election voters also decided numerous statewide ballot measures in categories such as taxes and state budgets as well as healthcare mandates and legalizing marijuana.

There were fiscal legislation state ballot measures considered as well as social legislation state ballot measures with 37 states deciding 160 ballot questions in all on November 2. What did the voters say? Let’s examine the November 2 election outcome by category type noted in our pre-election articles.

Part 1 – Fiscal Legislation

Government Administration & Government Accountability:
YES - IL – Amendment 31, Allows governor recall.
NO - CO – Amendment 61, Forbids debt by loans.

State Budget & Taxes:
- FL – Federal Budget Question, Asks should Congress add an amendment to the US Constitution requiring a balanced federal budget.
NO - CA – Proposition 24, Eliminates three business tax breaks.
YES - CA – Proposition 26, Requires a 2/3 supermajority in state legislature to pass certain state and local fees.
NO - CO – Amendment R, Eliminates property taxes for business or individual using government owned property for a private benefit.
NO - CO – Amendment 60, Reduces property taxes.
YES - GA – Referendum A, Exempts business inventory from property tax.
YES - IN – Question 1, Adds property tax cap to IN Constitution.
NO - LA – Amendment 4, Allows property tax increases limitation.
NO - MA – Question 3, Rolls back 6.25% sales tax to 3%.
YES - MO – Amendment 3, Prohibits any new taxes on the sale or transfer of all real estate.
YES - MT – CI-105, Prohibits any new taxes on the sale or transfer of all real estate.
YES - WA – Initiative 1053, Requires a 2/3 supermajority of WA state legislature or statewide vote for tax increases.
NO - WA – Initiative 1098, Raises income taxes on high earners and reduces some business and occupation taxes and state property tax by 20%.
YES - WA – Initiative 1107, Repeals tax on candy, bottled water, soda pop.

Elections & Campaigns:
- NM – Amendment 2, Extends term limits to New Mexico county officials.
YES - NM – Amendment 3. YES – Adopts federal requirements to vote subject to state registration and resident requirements.
YES - OK – Question 746, Mandates voters must provide proof of photo identity to vote.
YES - OK – Question 747, Limits term of office of elected officials.
YES - UT – Amendment B, Amends and clarifies legislative residency requirements.
Related Notes:
- City of Portland, ME – Local Proposal, Allows non-US citizens to vote in local issues and school elections.
NO - City of San Francisco – Proposition D, Allows non-US citizens to vote in local school elections.

Part 2 – Social Legislation

Healthcare & Abortion:
- AZ – Proposition 106, Prohibits rules against health care participation.
NO - CO – Amendment 62, Defines “person” as beginning at biological development.
NO - CO – Amendment 63, Protects the individual right to make health care decision for one self.
YES - OK – Question 756, Allows residents to opt out of any federal healthcare mandates.

Affirmative Action, English & International Law:
- AZ – Proposition 107, Bans preferential acceptance in employment.
YES - OK – Question 751, Specifies English as the “common and unifying language of Oklahoma”.
YES - OK – Question 755, Forbids courts to consider law other than US federal or Oklahoma state.

Marijuana & Environment:
- AZ – Proposition 203, Legalizes marijuana for medicinal purposes.
NO - CA – Proposition 19, Legalizes marijuana for recreational use and taxes it.
NO - CA – Proposition 23, Suspends “Global Warming Act” until unemployment is below 5.5%.
NO - OR – Measure 74, Allows state to license marijuana farmers who can distribute crop to medical marijuana dispensaries.
NO - SD – Initiated Measure 13, Legalizes marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Labor/Secret Union Vote:
- AZ – Proposition 113, Gives the right of a secret ballot for union organizing elections.
YES - SC – Amendment 2, Allows voters to decide whether it is a fundamental right to have secret ballots in deciding if workers are represented by a specific labor organization.
YES - SD – Amendment K, Protects secret ballot in union elections.
YES - UT – Amendment A, Requires employee representation to be by secret ballot.
Related Notes:
AR, CO, FL, MO worked toward getting a secret ballot measure on the 2010 ballot but were not successful.
NV will have a ballot measure to protect the secret ballot in union representation on the 2012 ballot.

Miscellaneous – Just Because:
- KS – Question 1, Allows citizens to bear arms in state.
YES - KS – Question 2, Eliminates mental illness as a voting disqualification.

There were 184 statewide ballot measures voted on in 2010 in all including the ones voted on prior to November 2. According to ballotpedia, 64.7% at 119 was approved and 35.3% at 65 was defeated.

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