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Curious? - 2011 World Predictions from Top Medium Joseph Tittel

Did you know 3 out of 4 Americans believe in some form of the paranormal? If you are like 1 in 3 Americans, you believe you have personally had a paranormal experience in your life. Admit it, you have read your horoscope in a magazine or newspaper at least once.

In the book Paranormal America co-authored by Baylor Sociology Professors Christopher D. Bader and Carson Mencken, they recently surveyed a cross section of Americans with a deliberate randomness to compile an update on statistics for America’s belief in the paranormal.

Their work found 70-80% of America does believe in some form of the unexplained. They also found believers to have at least a high school education and a higher income than the average. They did not find believers to be on the fringe of society.

While there are many frauds that call themselves psychics or mediums, there are legitimate mediums working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and law enforcement on a regular basis. As numerous documentaries and several television shows now highlight, there is documentation of the paranormal in FBI studies and crime solving.

Pennsylvania medium Joseph Tittel is the real deal. He explains “Since I was a young child, I have felt, seen, and sensed spirits and information about the future. I was nicknamed Spiritman by a childhood friend in my late teens or early twenties. It just stuck.”

Joseph has been a working medium for over 15 years. His down to earth personality, sense of humor, and detailed predictive accuracy has gained him a vast and loyal following in the US and internationally.

He authored the book Messages From The Other Side and has been featured on television and radio programs as well as in print. Joseph created and hosts his popular Messages From The Other Side call-in radio show on WBCB 1490 AM and on the Internet’s Blog Talk Radio.

He impressed audiences on the Lifetime’s hit series America's Psychic Challenge with his ability to provide complete and detailed accuracy of the crime to investigators from a murder scene he had no prior knowledge. Joseph also found a boy hiding on one square mile of desert in 4 minutes, 12 seconds.

He is able to communicate with spirits in haunted places, and he gives detailed information including names and dates. Upon historic research of his findings, he has proven out to be remarkably accurate.

The first week of January, Joseph Tittel releases his world predictions for the upcoming year live on his radio program and then on his blog. His predictions encompass the economy and investments, US and world politics, weather events, medical, science, and celebrity.

As just a few of his accurate past predictions for 2008-2010, in 2008 Joseph predicted the earthquake in China and the worst tornados in history along with soaring gas prices. He also noted Obama was not the man he seemed to be, and OJ would end up in the slammer. Many of his real estate news and investment areas were accurate.

His 2009 predictions on many voters being angry with President Obama’s policies (think Tea Party movement) and Michael Jackson's death proved accurate. He noted mudslides in California and Washington, discovery of a new planet, and impeachment for selling Obama’s senate seat by a politician he thought was named Blagojevich.

In 2010 he accurately predicted the Philadelphia Phillies would win the World Series as well as record cold winters, record hot summers, and numerous global earthquakes. He noted legalizing marijuana would be a big debate in many states, and there would be problems for NASA.

To see a complete list and exact detail of Joseph Tittel’s 2011(and some 2012) predictions, go to his blog. Only in part and with some detail summarized for space, here are a few of his 2011 predictions:

* Significant 2011 Dates – Jan 15; Mar 3, 22; Apr 1, 3, 10, 16; Jun 5, 20; Sep 1, 18, 20; Oct 18, Dec 24, 25
* Obama will put up a good second term fight, but more voter anger around him will affect him running.
* A woman will enter White House by 2016 possibly as VP first and then become President.
* Bus explodes in terrorist bombing incident possibly in Chicago. Something big will happen there.
* Former US President dies in late 2011. Could be Carter or elder Bush.
* Major controversy in Miami that evokes protests.
* Arizona law goes into effect and causes fury, anger, and protests.
* Economy remains in a hole until the end of 2011 when things seem better and consumers begin to spend.
* More issues with layoffs and so forth will hit once more in 2012.
* Major changes in bank credit prevent more than 50% from buying causing drop in real estate.
* Early 2011 to April is a good buy if you can sit on real estate for a while.
* Avoid stock market unless you know what you are doing. Stock market is going to experience some major and sudden losses leaving many people with barely anything left to invest.
* Other forms of investing to look into are gold, platinum, diamond, emeralds, and other precious jewels and metals.
* Two or three points between mid-2011 up to the end of 2012 that could make instant millionaire overnight in stocks.
* One company doing well years ago and dropped huge over the past two years and has not been doing well since will introduce something new that causes stock to move up ten times its current trade.
* Buyers must jump in at start of rise on this stock for once it hits high, it begins to drop rapidly.
* Chrysler hits the headlines with major recalls. People are not happy with them.
* Australia, US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and China will be hit with record breaking weather.
* Largest recorded earthquake in mid-California. Flood and mudslides in Oregon.
* Two separate volcano eruptions, record hurricane, and tidal wave or tsunami mid-2011 to mid-2012 in Hawaii.
* Hurricane hitting Texas and Louisiana. Flooding in North Carolina.
* Earthquake hits Washington DC, and White House is shaken up quite a bit.
* A leader of a country is shot, either in head or chest, while making a speech to hundreds. Not Obama.
* China and Russia make a commitment or pact to each other causing a big stir, especially with US.
* US discovers a foreign country does possess nuclear war head missiles. Most likely Iran.
* Israel has hands full in 2011and 2012 with terrorist attacks and bombings.
* One Israel bombing involves children at the hand of Iran.
* Large bomb attack wipes out large city or small country.
* Mid to late 2011 forward into 2012. May come as surprise that Israel pushes button for big bomb.
* North Korea spells out big trouble for the world. May endure a military attack.
* North Korea may become problem for US when our government interferes and our allies go against US.
* US angry at another country and is not backed up by allies. May cause WWIII.
* Rioting in the streets in England and by 2012 could be like this throughout the world.
* Large funeral outside the Royal Palace from sudden tragic royal passing. Not Queen necessarily.
* Queen Elizabeth very angry over something huge. Could result in war.
* A new King and/or Queen are crowned.
* High speed train collision in Germany kills dozens.
* Many people wearing facemasks. Virus, chemical leak, terrorist attack. Russia. Not in US.
* Russian economic collapse and below normal temperature bringing death in unexpected areas.
* France also encounters large economical issues and a fall of its economy.
* Controversy around Pope and Vatican mid-2011. Causes great damage.
* More anger with airline security when a terrorist gets through and attacks outside US possibly Australia.
* Big airlines trouble with at least one bankruptcy and flyer boycotts.
* Huge medical advancements in 2011 and into 2013.
* Discovery of a plant that has many healing factors and even helps cure certain diseases and cancer.
* Advancements in breast and colon cancer, HIV/AIDS and other blood diseases.
* One blood disease is completely cured by a special blood filtering system.
* Critics give Oprah a hard time about her new network. In time, OWN beats out just about all the networks and quickly becomes one of the biggest networks of them all. Soon she will be running against ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Joseph’s paranormal gifts are only outweighed by his compassion. He offers, “I most enjoy my work with clients seeking to reconnect with those that have passed on. I am happy to use my gifts to bring peace and closure for people.”

Not surprisingly, Joseph works with politicians and police departments. He notes with a smile “Politicians go to great lengths to keep that they come to me for readings a secret.” On a more serious note, “I work with police departments whenever I am asked at no charge. It is a way I can give back to communities.”

Joseph pays it forward. “Helping those who cannot help themselves and giving back to the community is a part of my mission statement for my life. I think this is very important for everyone but especially for those that have a spotlight on them. I do not understand those in my profession that do not.”

Each year Joseph and his manager Bob Breining organize several events to raise money and awareness for special causes. They have raised thousands for the Arthritis Foundation, The Healing Consciousness Foundation, the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure, Camp Kindle, and Camp Dream Catcher.

One of Joseph’s goals is “to tour the world with my seminar Message From The Other Side to raise as much money as possible to help children in need both in the United States and worldwide.”

Joseph Tittel ends our interview this way, “Many psychics will not even go there at all with doing predictions just because of the backlash they may receive if they are not accurate. Even with my own predictions, I have found web sites that crucify me for the things I may have gotten wrong but always fail to acknowledge all the specific predictions I make that come true. Finally now that I'm 40 years old, I know that there will be people that will love you and those that just do not.”

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