Friday, July 27, 2012

What is all the buzz about

I am pleased to announce I am a partner and columnist of "Real Zone - Real People, Real Life, Real Talk" with the new online media site  See our new Facebook page and explore what all the buzz is about!  Click to our site and sign up to join the conversation.

What is Thoughtful Women? is an energized group of business women, mothers, and daughters have joined forces in creating a new website and blog discussion format to challenge the status quo and the idea that the media and government bureaucrats know what’s best for us in our daily lives. is a safe place for women to engage in considerate discussion with women, by women and for women.  As a new platform for civic engagement, provides meaningful, balanced commentary on issues that affect all of us as mothers, daughters, wives, and working women. 

We’ll look at the role of government in our daily lives, talk about the economy, health care, and jobs and offer a meeting place for collaboration and fun. 

Sometimes, we’ll divert from politics, sharing recipes, offering celebrity commentary or health & wellnesses tips, and create topical discussions on work-home life balance, flexibility and relationships.

At, we believe in open public debate, quality journalism and reporting and will actively seek and publish commentary by real women – independent citizen journalists whose points of view offer fresh perspective and vision on issues of the day. 

We’re real women in the real world – not “Inside the Washington Beltway” pundits who talk at you, and tell you what to think.  At, we want to talk with you and hear what you have to say.

Brenda Krueger Huffman’s journalistic background includes being an internationally syndicated political commentary and business writer as well as a Journalist with World City Press North American division AXcess News and the award winning

Her writing focus is national political commentary, business, technology, and social media with an occasional article more on the humorous side of life.

Her talk radio work has included being a Co-Host and Political Analyst on the popular shows Women on the Move Presents The Round Table and WEI Network’s Fresh Talk in addition to being a guest political analyst on talk radio.

Brenda’s background includes business development, marketing, and operations. She is an entrepreneur specializing in the information industry and social media sectors.

She has been a highly successful executive at some of the foremost national information technology corporations such as Transamerica,, Realigent, REBIG, VIS, and Planning Research Corp.

Her client list includes start-up regional and national companies and industry directing, predominant national Corporations, the majority of U.S. local government agencies, and non-profit or for-profit enterprise.
Brenda is a partner with Thoughtful Women and is the resident columnist of “Real Zone – Real People, Real Life, Real Talk.”

She writes from a common sense observational eye. She brings an honest relativity to the current topics of the day that affect the lives of Americans. An independent political thinker, she provides an insightful view of national policy and politics as well as on other topics in the news.

She has a knack for being highly relatable, for she brings to light what many people are thinking and perhaps are not willing to say out loud. Her column often makes it ok to start or join a discussion.

Real Zone is a popular, must-read column for everyone no matter one’s political party affiliation or usual level of news interest – if any at all!