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Women Tell President Obama – “I am not Julia.”

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A new YouTube video reflects American women are speaking out and telling President Obama, “I am not Julia.”  

American women are smart.  They are independent, self sufficient, and personally responsible.  They want to make their own choices in life. 

They care about their children and grandchildren.  They know what is best in making decisions for their life and for their family. 

They also understand economics – deficit government spending, new or expanded entitlement program costs, and reforms needed – better than some are giving them credit for in government. 

They care about the future of this country and about the future they are leaving for their children.  

I recently asked in my column article, "Do Women Really Want A Life of Government?"

They are directly responding to President Obama’s new reelection campaign strategy directed to the female voting bloc.   “The Life of Julia” campaign strategy video asks women to “Take a look at how President Obama’s policies help one woman over her lifetime­ and how Mitt Romney would change her story.”

The campaign directed at women presents a government program for every phase of life from education to childbirth to starting a business to retirement.  President Obama is given credit for providing Julia the government help she needs throughout her life to have any chance of a good life.

“The Life of Julia” also presents a picture that women will not receive a good education, health insurance, equal pay, a small business loan, and a retirement provided by the government if Governor Romney becomes the next president.

It paints the picture that women will not have a good life or survive at all if government is not central to their life.  There is a government program touted for Julia at 3, 17, 18, 22, 23, 25, 27, 31, 37, 42, 65, and 67.

What is most interesting is Julia enrolls in Medicare at 65 and starts receiving her social security benefits at 67.  It notes Julia has contributed to social security her entire life.  

As many already know, contributing to social security during all your years of working is true enough.  What many are also realizing is, but is not addressed anywhere in the video, if there is not reform in both the Medicare and Social Security programs, no matter how much you have personally contributed to these programs, they will run out of money in the next 12-14 years.

It is also perplexing that the “The Life of Julia” video touts Julia receiving a small business loan at 42, but why start a business if after all “You didn’t build that.” is the true feeling about business from President Obama once you build it?

Certainly raising a few eyebrows in its double speak in reality is the trumpeting of “President Obama’s tax cuts for small business like Julia’s help her to get started.  She's able to hire employees, creating new jobs in her town and helping to grow the local economy.” 

Isn’t it government according to President Obama that creates jobs in his constant stimulus backing philosophy and campaigning? 

His practices have shown he supports government deciding which industries and companies get taxpayer loan help  (think Solyndra and the other now bankrupt green companies) and which get government shutting them down regardless of the number of jobs lost or the collapsing of the local economy (think coal mining and no pipeline).

Will all the new regulation upon new regulation upon new regulation with his administration, more from the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies than Congress, allow Julia to start a new business or have a fighting chance to be successful if she did?

And what if Julia did become very successful from all her hard work in her new business?  Then would she be demonized for being successful by President Obama? 

After all, his sentiments of there come a time when you have made enough money and class warfare is central themes in his speeches about business in reality.

One thing is for sure, Julia may not be able to hire employees at all with the crushing cost of Obamacare if she grows to be a company over 50 employees. 

She may not be able to stay in business if she makes over $200,000 per year and then becomes subject to the tax increases President Obama wants to put in place.   

As the women in this video explain, they do not want nor need government help to create a happy and successful life for themselves. 

They recognize many of these government programs are about creating government control in their life choices and ultimately their lives overall.  

Women are saying no, “I am not Julia.”  They are reflecting their own values which include being personally responsible for their own lives.  They do not want nor need government to direct their lives. 

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